Adeptus Titanicus: Doom of Molech

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Inside this volume you will find:

– An overview of the Battle of Molech
– Rules for fielding battlegroups composed entirely of Knight Households
– New orders, Stratagems and more for Knight battlegroups
– Background and Legion-specific rules for 4 Titan Legions: Crucius, Fortitdus, Vulcanum and Interfector
– Background and rules for 7 Knight Houses: Devine, Donar, Indra, Kaska, Kaushik, Mamaragon and Tazkhar
– Full-colour examples of paint schemes and heraldry
– New maniples to use in your games
– 32 new Stratagems and 2 Battlefield Assets
– Six narrative missions based on the greatest battles of the Molech campaign
– Beast Hunt matched play mission, including rules for three different beasts
– Rules for fighting on battlefields based on conditions on Molech

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  1. Jonny Pearson (verified owner)

    Great expansion for core game.

  2. Patrick Evans (verified owner)

    Great expansion for the game, adds a lot of content

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