Aegis Defence Line


Aegis Defence Line


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This box set contains one plastic Aegis Defence Line. This 28-peiece set includes four double blast shield sections and four single blast shield sections that can be set up in a limitless array of configurations. Joined together they provide 28″ of defence lines. Also included is a quad-gun emplacement that can be placed onto one of two different mounts supplied.

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  1. Benevans806 (verified owner)

    This box set contains one excellent to build plastic Aegis Defence Line, which are built from crenellated shield sections that link together into a solid shieldwall.
    Imperial Aegis lines can be built & deployed at such speed they are often referred to as ‘instant fortresses’ with awesome bullet holes & marks on the armoured plates.
    A must have for those who like to have a little cover between their units and the enemy’s big guns.
    The included Quad gun is awesome to blast your opponents with & provides cover for your infantry.

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