Age of Sigmar: Azyrite Ruined Chapel


Age of Sigmar: Azyrite Ruined Chapel

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Ruins of many types dot the landscapes of the Mortal Realms, reminders of the horrors of war that have touched every domain. Even places of worship and Order are not safe from the destruction visited by the hordes of Chaos, Death and Destruction.


The Azyrite Ruined Chapel is a set of modular terrain that makes adding gloomy ruins to your gaming board simple. Walls provide cover, while the bell offers a vantage point to add tactical depth to your game. Fantastic levels of detail makes these terrain pieces a pleasure to paint, build and even use as base decoration for larger models. These sets are also compatible with the Azyrite Ruins kit, giving you limitless possibilities when building your scenery.


– 1x bell-tower
– 1x large, walled section, split over two levels, with windows and a door
– 1x walled corner piece
– 1x ruined wall
– 1x ruined pillar
– 1x small, fallen ruined and broken pillar

Rules for using this terrain in your games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar can be found in the box.

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