Legends of Signum: Battle for Vallor Core Set

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“Legends of Signum” is a skirmish miniatures wargame with cards and city-building aspect. The expansion “Battle for Vallor” includes miniatures and cards of two factions, “Holy Grypharim Empire” and “Free City of Vallor”.

The box includes:

  • 22 high-quality resin miniatures for Legends of Signum;
  • Battle deck, 30 cards x 2;
  • Terrain and buildings, 30 cards;
  • Roland the Proud, Hero card;
  • Brissa de Molforn, Hero card;
  • Rule Book;
  • Short Rule leaflet;
  • Terrain templates x 10;
  • Special Signum Games Dice x 6;
  • Special Signum Games Rulers x 4;
  • Wounds, armour, prosperity, strength, stealth, contract tokens.

All miniatures have scale 32mm.
All miniatures unpainted, unassembled.
Includes bases.

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