Easy To Build: Astra Militarum Cadians


Easy To Build: Astra Militarum Cadians

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Among the uncountable numbers of Astra Militarum regiments, the regiments of Cadia are a byword for discipline and excellence. So respected are they, that many regiments from other planets base their tactics, training and even appearance on Cadia’s finest.


This box set contains five plastic Easy to Build: Astra Militarum Cadians armed with lasguns. 


Models supplied with 25mm round bases.

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  1. Chad420Lad (verified owner)

    Let’s lead with the good stuff:
    5 guardsmen and they are pish cheap. If you have 2 Start Collecting! boxes, a spare large base and you plan on building 3 infantry squads with a heavy weapon team included, then you get an extra third squad for under a fiver, which is nice BUT…

    I mean, no! It’s a horde army. A HORDE army! If you wanted to let’s say splurge 50 quid and get your 50 guardsmen, they all look identical, discounting a minor difference in how they spread their feet. By, the m-fing Emperor!
    Everybody has a bottle of glue at home anyway and it’s no bother to use it.
    Snap fit is really bothersome and no matter how hard I push there are gaps in their shoulder and around their chest too. Yuck.
    Also, I prefer to pose my models as aiming in this set, you get 5 identical rifle arms at the ready. They are one-sided. The other side is flat with no detail, so you can’t switch up the pose. The amount of detail is also pitiful on the models. These guardsmen have their combat knives blending smoothly into their bums. This kit is a horror show and whatever the GW had meant making it, they were up to no good.
    Also, you get no special weapons or conversion bits.
    I guess, they are only good to patch the missing headcounts in your squads but that’s it.
    Think about it this way. In a Start Collecting box you get 10 of them (so count it as 10 pounds, but remember that you also get your special weapons and your sarge bits). Leman Rus battle tank costs around 30 quid. A single commisar costs 12 for a bargain and heavy weapon teams are 20 for a 3 guardsman sets.
    So yeah: 44 quid.
    10 quid for the guardsmen (fully kitted and posable)
    1 Commisar (12-ish)
    1 Leman Rus (30-ish)
    1/3 rd of a Heavy Weapons Box (7 ish).
    If you want just these 10 guardsmen, you can ebay all the remaining stuff and you just got yourself some free guardsmen.

    Don’t buy this box. Don’t feel what I now feel.

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