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Establish businesses, acquire a fortune, and build a prosperous future in this game of negotiation and development.

The Big Apple is Up for Grabs

Welcome to 1960s New York. A new immigration act triggers a demographic boom, and a wave of Chinese immigrants moves into Chinatown. Hard-working men and women arrive by the thousands to build a new life in the New World. In Chinatown, you are one of these immigrants. Use your talents and your life’s savings to claim ownership of sections of city blocks, establish businesses, and build your fortune. Put your negotiation skills to the test as you make deals with other players to acquire adjacent properties and grow your empire. But it’s not always easy. In this game where everything can be negotiated, only the hard laws of the market prevail.

Anything Goes

To make it in Chinatown, pursue the properties that will benefit you the most. Constructing jewelry stores, restaurants, factories, and other buildings provide you with income at the start of each of the game’s six rounds. But to maximize this income, you’ll have to build shops of the same type in adjacent buildings. Use Shop tiles and building cards as bargaining chips to swing deals and take over the properties you need. Negotiate with two players at once; intervene in any negotiation you want; trade buildings, Shop tiles, or money in any combination. Everything is open to trade. Whoever strikes the best deals and earns the most money by the end of the game is the winner!


Designer: Kartsen Hartwig


Rulebook, 1 Game Board, 1 Year Marker, 1 First Player Card, 5 Player Aid Cards, 85 Building Cards, 80 Money Cards, 90 Shop Tiles, 150 Ownership Markers, 15 Blank Shop Tiles, 1 Linen Bag

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