Choose Your Own Adventure: War with the Evil Power Master


Choose Your Own Adventure: War with the Evil Power Master

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Choose Your Own Adventure: War With the Evil Power Master

The Lacoonian System has lived in peace for centuries but now the Evil Power Master has returned! Can you stop him from doing his evil thing?

Travel to the Edge of the Galaxy

For centuries, the Lacoonian System, an alliance of the most advanced civilizations in the galaxy, has lived in peace. But now the Evil Power Master has returned and is leading a destructive rebellion. It’s up to you to lead the Rapid Force Crew around the galaxy, using their unique skills to conquer challenges and find data to chase down the Evil Power Master and stop him from enacting his sinister plan! Travel to the furthest reaches of the galaxy, make risky choices, collect items, and complete challenges in the newest cooperative adventure in the Choose Your Own Adventure game series.

Stop the Evil Power Master Doing His Evil Thing

Sudden total destruction of planet Marzina. Sector 31-47-89. Evil Power Master claims responsibility. The Rapid Force Crew must band together to thwart the dastardly plans of the galaxy’s greatest villain! Strategically use the skills of the courageous Commander Chen, the Martian Flppto, the decorated veteran and diplomat Tara, and the loyal droid companion Dante to conquer the challenges the Evil Power Master throws at you. Utilize items like the candy-coated Kronur beans and the galactic nabber to help complete your mission.


Designer: Prospero Hall

Contents: 154 Story Cards, 158 DATA Cards, 9 Start Item Cards, 4 Character Cards, 1 Game Board, 1 Die, 1 Mover, 2 Tracking Cubes, 9 Signal Booster Discs, Instructions

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