Citadel Colour Contrast Paint Set #2

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This paint set includes 7 out of 34 of the Contrast paint range. Due to production difficulties these 7 paints are not guaranteed for launch. There is a possibility they will arrive in time but we have no guarantees at this point in time. As such we have split the range in to 2 parts.

Purchasing both set 1 and 2 will grant a £5 discount (coupon visible at checkout). Please note this may delay your order depending on Games Workshop’s ability to manufacture the missing paints.

Set 2 includes:

  • Contrast:
    Gryph-Hound Orange
  • Contrast:
    Creed Camo
  • Contrast:
  • Contrast:
    Black Templar
  • Contrast:
    Talassar Blue
  • Contrast: Aethermatic Blue
  • Contrast:
    Terradon Turquoise

Set 1 can be found here.