Citadel Assembly Handle


Citadel Assembly Handle


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The Citadel Assembly Handle is a great tool for miniatures that are more challenging and complex in design. It will support to hold components in place while you wait for the glue to set or so you can better pre paint small parts without your own fingers getting in the way. It also helps with those extra tiny parts that require longer time being held in place as the glue dries. No more having to hold your miniature for what feels like endless minutes, the Citadel Assembly Handle has soft spring loaded clamps that will hold the pieces in place. The several ball and socket joints make the manoeuvrability of the handle more efficient and allow for variable, flexible positioning.

The handle grip still has the same features as the Citadel Painting Handle whereby you can use the spring-loaded mechanism to secure your miniatures with round bases up to 40mm and oval bases up to 60mm when it’s time to paint. 

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