Codex: Necrons


Codex: Necrons


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Ancient beyond reckoning, the Necrons arise from their tomb worlds to scour the galaxy clean of other races and take their place once again as lords over all creation. Clad in living metal, utilising technology so advanced it is nigh unto sorcery, even their ancient gods are shackled by their mastery of science.

This 120-page hardback book contains:
– The history of the Necrons – from their ancient origins to the Era Indomitus
– Stunning art that brings the lore to life
– A showcase of incredibly painted miniatures to inspire your own collection and colour schemes
– Crusade rules that let you develop your Necron army in thrilling narrative campaigns
– Special abilities and bonuses like Command Protocols for your Necron forces
– Datasheets for Necrons units for your reference
– Stratagems, Powers of the C’tan, and more!

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  1. iamausername (verified owner)


  2. vandalworks (verified owner)

    As your open the cover you can hear the tomb worlds beginning to awake, and on the ninth edition the Necrons got what could be their greatest codex to date.

    With the new additions adding more variety than ever before, reanimation protocols being balanced and living metal bestowed upon more units, this could well be the best balanced Necron ruleset we have seen. Doomstalkers and Reanimators add a War of the Worlds creepiness to the look, Destroyers get more choice either hovering, snaking or skittering their way over the battlefield.

    If you’re a Necron player, this codex is a great rebalancing and puts us in a good position to start ninth edition. Certainly a must buy.

  3. Jake Ivany (verified owner)

    Great new book and rules for a fantastic army

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