Comanche 1800-1874

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Author: Douglas V Meed, Illustrator: Jonathan Smith

About this book:

In the 18th and 19th centuries, the numerous tribes of mounted Comanche warriors were the Lords of the Southern Plains. For more than 150 years, these ferocious raiders struck terror into the hearts of other plain tribes, Mexican villagers and Anglo settlers in frontier Texas. Their dominion stretched from southern Colorado and Kansas into northern Mexico. This book documents the life and experiences of a Comanche warrior at the peak of their dominance. Following a hypothetical figure through a lifetime, it covers key social and cultural aspects as well as documenting the methods and equipment that they used to wage war.

Contents: Introduction – Chronology – The way of the warrior – Appearance and equipment – Comanche raiding – Belief and belonging – Experience of battle – Colour plate commentary – Museums – Collecting – Re-enactment – Glossary – Index

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