The Drowned Earth Condition Token Set


The Drowned Earth Condition Token Set

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Set on the continent of Ulaya, The Drowned Earth is a tropical world, thick with jungle, swamp and tropical archipelago.

Once, The Drowned Earth was the home of a great, futuristic civilisation. Their cities spanned the globe, and they were beginning to conquer the solar system.

A terrible cataclysm ended that civilisation. For hundreds of years nature reclaimed the earth, prehistoric monsters ruled the wilds, while the survivors of the cataclysm known as “The Event” struggled to survive.

Now, a new Enlightenment has dawned. The fragile glimmer of civilisation has begun to shine, and the fight is on for who will control the knowledge being discovered in the ruins of the ancient world…

A set of 24 tokens designed to clearly indicate conditions, model states and effects. There are three of each condition, in high visibility, fluorescent red, acrylic.


  • 3x Stealth Tokens
  • 3x Climb Tokens
  • 3x Prone Tokens
  • 3x Swim Tokens
  • 3x Fire Tokens
  • 3x Slow Tokens
  • 3x Blind Tokens
  • 3x Down Tokens

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