Conquest: Dweghom Battalion Starter Box


Conquest: Dweghom Battalion Starter Box


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The Dweghom are the firstborn children of War and their long history is steeped in warfare and loss. Originally crafted by the dragons as a race of peerless craftsmen, their Ancestors were forged to be the ultimate servitors; hardy, industrious, loyal and dedicated to the creation of beauty. Their lifespans were vastly extended and their memories made deep and enduring so that the secrets of their craft would not be lost from generation to generation. For millennia, they laboured for their masters and the Dragons thrived. Matchless artefacts and beautiful relics swelled the Dragon hoards, while the Rooks, the dragons’ lairs, were transformed into marvels of architecture and engineering.


  • 28x Miniatures
  • Starter paint set
  • Brush
  • Oakie Doakie Dice Set set

Please Note:

  • One Dweghom Holiday Gift Set supplied.
  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.

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