Cruel Seas IJN Escort Type Hei Minesweeper

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In an attempt to regain some measure of convoy protection, the IJN built over 170 Kaibōkan (ocean defence ships).

They came in four main classes: “Type A” Etorofu class and “Type B” Mikura class, these were taking too much time to build so by June 1943 the Navy ordered a simplified design. The result was the Ukuru class, and a scaled-down model of the Mikura class, which became the “Type C” (Hei) and “Type D” escort classes.

The Type C (Hei), like the Ukuru and Mikura classes, were dedicated to the anti-aircraft and anti-submarine roles, perfect protection for your small convoys.


  • 1x resin & metal Type C Minesweeper
  • Ship card
  • Wake marker

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted