Cruel Seas: M5 CRDA 60t (series 1) boat


Cruel Seas: M5 CRDA 60t (series 1) boat

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The Motosilurante CRDA 60 t (also known as MS boat) was an MTB built for the Italian Regia Marina. Modelled after German E-Boats, they were used in conjunction with the faster, although less seaworthy, MAS boats. 18 off these vessels were built in total, before design changes were made for the second series of production.

Two of these vessels – MS 16 and MS 22 scored arguably the biggest success for light torpedo craft of the War; sinking the British light cruiser HMS Manchester off Cap Bon during Operation Pedestal (in its effort to relieve the besieged island of Malta) in August 1942.

These medium Cruel Seas ships are armed with 2 x 20mm, 2x torpedoes a Depth Charge and Smoke. The full rules can be found in the Close Quarters supplement.

Contains 2 resin & metal vessels

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