Datacards: Necrons (2020)

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This pack contains 62 datacards, divided as followed:
– 7x core Stratagem cards
– 40x Necron Stratagem cards
– 9x C’tan Power cards
– 6x Command Protocol cards

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1 review for Datacards: Necrons (2020)

  1. vandalworks (verified owner)

    Find rummaging through a book a pain in the necrodermis? Crypteks can’t remember how to change their protocols? These cards are a very useful addition to keeping track of rules while playing with your Necron army on the tabletop. With protocols now giving you extra rules on each turn depending on how you choose them, having the cards for easy reference allows the book to be open for keeping track of datasheets. Certainly not needed, but you’ll wonder how you awoken your tomb world without them.

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