Dragon Hunters Core Box

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Core Box “Dragon Hunters” contains:

1 high-quality resin miniature of the Dragon:

  • “. In this game, you take part in the story about three Hunters invading the Dragon’s lair. All of them have different background and goals, but all of them have united against the common enemy.

    The game has three different game modes:

    • Player vs Player (two players game mode) – pick your side and play against your opponent. Choose the terrifying Dragon and try to chase down cheeky invaders, or pick a side of the Hunters and control all of them in turn to either defeat the Dragon or steal all of its gold.
    • Player vs Environment (single-player game mode) – this mode allows you to challenge the game with three different difficulty levels. You always play as the Hunters, while the Dragon takes its turn by an algorithm. The very last difficulty level will be the real test for true Hunters.
    • Player vs Players (three against one game mode) – this mode is similar to a standard PvP mode, but this time all the Hunters are controlled by different players. Be cooperative and play as a team, or choose your own path and try to hunt down the enemy all by yourself. With the Dragon confronting them on the opposite side, it definitely will not be a cakewalk for all the players.

    The game also interacts with the “Legends of Signum” tabletop wargame. That means all of the characters, including the Dragon, can be used there too. Therefore, the game box includes character cards of all the Dragon Hunters characters for “Legends of Signum” with their unique abilities and effects.

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