Endless Spells: Beasts of Chaos

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Powerful incantations have the scope to create unprecedented and deadly spells to affect the flow of battle, but beware, these endless spells could just as likely to turn treacherous for the caster as the enemy. Beasts of Chaos wizards have the ability to summon in some of the most violent and flame driven spells in the game.


This multi-part kit includes everything you need to create three endless spells for use in Age of Sigmar including; A Wildfire Taurus- crushing and setting ablaze anything in its path, A Doomblast Dirgehorn- a horn fused together out of dead animal bones that when it bellows out can strip the minds of all those within earshot, and finally a Ravening Direflock, a murder of crows who circle the battlefield and let out harrowing caws to any who would attempt to flee from battle.


3 x Endless spells

4 x 40mm Citadel Bases

1 x 70mm Oval Citadel Base

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