Flexible Armatures in 32 mm


Flexible Armatures in 32 mm


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As alternative to simple wire armatures, we introduce the Precast Flexible Armatures which are semi-finished figures known as Dollies that you may pose and use as the start of a new figure sculpture. These are just like pre-made human frame which will speed up the process of making your own miniature keeping the scale proportion consistently.

Sculpting armatures are all advantages specially for a novice sculptor, since they will help to get over problems with proportion and sizes. Dollies will save a lot of time during the building work that needs to be done with a wire armature. This armatures are considered “flexible” since they can be bent into a chosen pose to be worked on with sculpting putties to finish them off. They have lot of bending points along theis body to help on this task. An finally, as the latest innovation, they also have spikes in their feet to help when fixing them in the sculpting corks.

Take into account that they tolerate bending, but extreme bending might break them. 

Ovenable up to 200ºC

This sets includes 4 precast armatures / dollies in 32mm

* These armatures contain LEAD and other metals to varying degrees and are not suitable for Children under 15 years of age. You should wear gloves to manipulate them.

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