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With Much Demand We now have the Panzer Grenadiers seperate from the Half Track.
Germany’s early success in armoured warfare were centred around the intelligent use of combined arms, tanks, artillery, infantry and even aeroplanes working together to out manoeuvre and overwhelm static and bewildered enemy troops. It is true to say that the mighty German war machine marched to war, but not the Panzer Grenadiers!
Mounted in trucks or tanks or like our squad here, in powerful armoured half tracks, the Panzer Grenadiers cleared the way for assaults to go. They were kept close to their supporting armour and would use their mobility and armour to advance quickly on the battlefield, overwhelming enemy strong points or bye passing well defended positions for the ‘stubble hoppers’ to mop up.
Warlords Panzer Grenadiers are shown in full action leaping from their hanomag APCs, to continue a close in assault on foot. Panzer Grenadiers sometimes even fired from the vehicle at some speed, though mostly assaults were carried on foot, with the vehicles MGs adding a great weight of fire to the final approach.
We feature 6 SS Panzer Grenadiers (they can be fielded as Whermacht too) in full fighting order, a squad leader with MP40, and grenadiers equipped with MG42, rifles, grenades and even a Panzerfaust.

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