Hunzakuts (Rifle+Light Grenade Launcher)

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Category: Brand: Corvus Belli
MPN: 280476-0546


Blister with 1 miniature1x HUNZAKUT (Deployable Repeater) (Rifle + Light Grenade Launcher)

Hunzakuts are members of infiltration units with a specialization in mountainous terrain. They are experts in alpinism, guerrilla tactics, incursions into enemy territory, camouflage, ambush attacks…the list goes on. By dint of hunting the fearsome jaguars that inhabit the Gabqar mountains, they have developed a knack for concealment. Hunzakuts are so comfortable laying in ambush that they like to wait around a mountain pass for a patrol that might not even use it. But if an enemy patrol does pass through, they are in for a massacre: they lose half their men before they can even locate the source of the incoming fire. By the time they can coordinate a counterattack, they find there is no-one left to shoot at. The Hunzakuts have scurried away into the rocks, like lizards…