Idoneth Deepkin, Isharann Tidecaster


Idoneth Deepkin, Isharann Tidecaster


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The Tidecasters use their magics to summon the phantasmal Aethersea that surrounds the Idoneth Deepkin as they go to battle. This mystical ocean allows the many creatures that fight alongside the Deepkin to breath and swim as if they were still in the deepest depths of the ocean. Turning those abilities against their enemies, Tidecasters can surround their foes in a magical wave of despair, drowning them in their own fear.


This multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to assemble an Isharann Tidecaster. Standing atop a large, fallen aelven ruin (the head of a statue, featuring a carved ruin on the forehead), she is posed very much in the manner of a wizard summoning something dark – her eyes are closed, and she clutches a rune in her right hand (the aelven rune for water in fact, an indication of the phantasmal seas she controls). She is clad in metal plate armour, with spiked shoulder pads holding the large cloak that billows behind her. Above her head is a finned crest attached to her helmet, with a shell at the centre. Denoting her wizardly status further is a scroll case and a set of potion bottles that hang from her hip. She is armed with a pelagic staff, and is accompanied a spirit guardian which swims around her, keeping her from harm.

This kit comes as 12 components, and is supplied with a Citadel 32mm Round base.

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