Imperial Knights Knight Valiant


Imperial Knights Knight Valiant


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The Knight Valiant uses its thick armour and powerful ion shield to take the fight to the enemies front lines. Armed with a Conflagration Cannon that can cover vast swathes of the battlefield in a roaring inferno and a Thundercoil Harpoon that can pierce the most well armoured tank, this behemoth strides at the forefront of the Imperial Knight forces laying waste to all that stand before it.


This multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to assemble a Knight Valiant. Make no mistake, this is a huge bit of kit, sharing a basic shape with a standard Imperial Knight but expanding upon that basic structure with more armour and a number of weapon upgrades, focusing on dominant close-quarters combat. In the box you’ll find 2 frames of components making up the main bulk of the Knight: the torso assembly, the shoulder sections and the legs (which are designed to be modelled on either side of the Knight, allowing some posing), along with 2 sets of shieldbreaker missiles, 2 siegebreaker cannon and 2 twin melta guns. A frame of upgrades is included – this features the thundercoil harpoon and conflagration cannon which attach to the arms, a head and mask which are unique to this Knight variant, and special chest and groin armour. There’s also an immense carapace, extended in order to fit all the weaponry, and an engine block standing at twice the standard height, with 2 power cores and 4 exhausts.


This kit comes as 141 components, and is supplied with a Citadel 170x105mm Oval base. An Imperial Knights transfer sheet is included.

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