ITS Season 10 Event Tournament Pack


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Category: Brand: Corvus Belli


The Event Pack: XENOTECH allows you to organize a tournament set in a specific chapter of the universe of Infinity, focused on the search for a lost fragment of the relic guarded by the Teutonic Order. A race against the clock in the dangerous jungles of Paradiso.

The Event Pack is designed to work all by itself. You will find all the prizes necessary for your tournament, as well as including the entire contents of a Competition Pack, and if this isn’t that enough, it includes an incredible exclusive Guijia Squadron miniature, ideal for the winner’s tournament prize, the great new release of the Victor Messer miniature, a second great prize, and even more stuff.
The Event Pack: XENOTECH is a limited exclusive pack, available while supplies last, so do not miss the opportunity to live this adventure!


  • Exclusive Gūijiă Squadron (TAG) miniature. 
  •  Exclusive Victor Messer miniature. 
  •  4 metal Command Tokens. 
  •  50 card sleeves. 
  •  Box for Classified Objective Deck. 
  •  Exclusive Invincible Army patch. (Replaces one of the random patches in the Competition Pack) 
  •  Exclusive Victor Messer patch. (Replaces one of the random patches in the Competition Pack) 
  •  1 “Shasvastii Alert” badge. 
  •  1 “Invincible Army” badge.