Jung Pirates Ryujin, Spirit of the Deep

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We have foretold Ryujin’s coming for awhile now in the Cycle Deck, flavour text on special cards and more. Ryujin is the spirit of the Deep Ocean. A Kami more powerful than any we have introduced before. When the ideas were first outlined to us we weren’t sure exactly how it would turn out. However we talked it through we found it fitted the world and the Jung very well.

We know the Miyakomo sea witches summoned Ryujin and this may have caused the great Tsunami as the deep waters rose and Ryujin manifested himself. He now fights alongside them but how much is he controlled and what great price did they pay for his service? Ryujin is a 10 Ki Kami, he has excellent base stats and Tough (2) so he will get work done regardless of how you use him. His Tsunami feat, well known to Temple players (To the great frustration of their opponents!) is already enough to make him an excellent scenario model. His passive unique effect is something to consider however. Wherever Ryujin goes, so follows the ocean and the area around him is constantly surging with sea water offering protection to those nearby and hindering movement. You need to be careful though for the ocean cares not who is a pirate and who isn’t. The ability affects friend and foe alike! On top of this he empowered the Sea Witches, has a Ranged attack and is very powerful in melee, easily earning his place among the 30 Rice models in Bushido. 

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