Konflikt 47 Ursus Infantry with clubs

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Developed to counter Enhanced Infantry, these 8-foot-tall Human/Bear hybrids give the Red Army a terrifying presence on the battlefield! As if teeth and claws weren’t enough, these Ursus sport massive clubs, capable of crushing a man to a bloody pulp! Devastating when unleashed, but difficult to control, the Red Army’s Ursus Infantry units were often used to tip the balance of power in brutal close-quarters engagements.

In Konflikt ’47:

Your opponents are sure to fear these terrifying brutes and make them the focus of their firepower, so keep them protected – give them a truck to carry five of them into the heart of the enemy, or shield them with waves of infantry while they get to grips with the foe. Once the Ursus Infantry enter combat, the enemies of the Soviet Union will be smashed aside!

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