Lord of The Rings: Frodo & Sam in Orc Armour


Lord of The Rings: Frodo & Sam in Orc Armour

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After the Ring is passed to him by his uncle, Bilbo, Frodo sets out on the perilous journey to deliver it to Rivendell – only to find himself undertaking the gigantic task of taking the Ring to Mordor and the fires of Mount Doom. Whilst certainly not a fearsome warrior, Frodo more than shows his worth, proving that the smallest creatures can indeed change the course of history.

Before setting out with The Fellowship, Sam had been a gardener and was happily content with his simple life. However, when the time called for it, Sam has proven to be fiercely loyal to Frodo, overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds to help his companion in his struggle with the Ring. In fact, without Sam, it is likely that Frodo would not have got very far at all…

These wonderfully characterful versions of Sam and Frodo depict them disguised in scavenged Orc armour in an attempt to traverse the Plateau of Gorgoroth undetected. They make fantastic additions to any Middle-earth collection.

These miniatures each consist of 1 metal component and come supplied with a Citadel 25mm Round Slotta Base.

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