Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game: Battle Companies

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This expansion includes:

– 38 different Battle Companies from all corners of Middle-earth, each with their own special rules, advancements and abilities
– Full rules for advancing the members of your Battle Company, including progression charts, injury tables, armouries and more
– Eight bespoke paths for your warband’s Hero to follow as they progress in experience
– 18 Matched Play Scenarios specially formulated to be played using two opposing Battle Companies
– Two different campaigns (narrative and map-based)
– Additional rules for using your Battle Company in larger games with the rest of your collection

This expansion supports both The Hobbit™ and The Lord of The Rings™, incorporating the Citadel and Forge World miniatures ranges. You will need a copy of the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game Rules Manual to use this expansion, as well the Armies of The Lord of the Rings™ and the Armies of The Hobbit™ for the model profiles, according to your choice of Battle Companies warband.

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  1. Matt Lilley (verified owner)

    If you want more necromunda in your middle-earth, this is the book for you. Adds an experience system for lots of different factions.

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