Polish Army Support Teams (5)


Polish Army Support Teams (5)


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Scale: 28mm (1:56)

Period: Early War

Material: White metal

This set contains six metal miniatures – wz. 36 grenade launcher with 2 crew, marksman armed with rifle, soldier armed with wz. 28 Browning and spotter armed with rifle together with five 25mm x 50mm bases.

All Kromlech miniatures are supplied unassembled and unpainted.

Paints and glue not included

The battles of World War I have shown a need for short range support weapon carried and used by the infantry units. With that goal in mind in 1936 Polish engineers designed light grenade launcher wz. 36 (pattern 36) and the mass production begun the same year. During 3-year period factories made and provided almost 3 500 such weapons. In 1939 only infantry units were supplied with granade launchers – one section of 3 for each company. Unfortunately cavalry units did not recieved short range mortars, as the allocation was planned for 1941. Despite the limitations those support teams carried out their role with success, proving not only usefullness of wz. 36 grenade launchers in the field of battle, but also high level of training in such units.
Designed in 1928 and produced since 1929 Browning wz. 28 (pattern 28) was Polish variation of well-known B.A.R. automatic rifle. With several upgrades and improvements those guns were considered one of the best in the interwar and early war period. Soldiers valued the reliablity and firepower provided by Browning wz. 28 – the only flaw of the gun was high production cost, which made it impossible to meet the Army expectations and needs.
Polish Army during the World War II did not developed designated sniper teams. Instead, in the course of battle, the best shooters were ordered to fill the role as marksmen, picking the most important targets with standard rifle. Although this solution was not as sufficient as sniper teams, those soldiers proved their skill and abilities during the September Campaign.

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