Psychic Awakening: Phoenix Rising

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Book 1 of the Psychic Awakening Series

Inside this 80-page book, you’ll find:

– Background that brings the full impact of the Great Rift upon the Aeldari to life, examining the rifts formed between various factions in their society, the rising belief in Ynnead, the predations of Slaanesh, and more!
– Missions that allow you to recreate some of the most pivotal battles involving the Aeldari during the psychic awakening, and war zones that let you bring your battles to some of the most pivotal sites of conflict
– Expanded army rules for the Craftworlds, including alternative Exarch abilities, updated datasheets for Jain Zar and Howling Banshees, a new Psychic Discipline, and a system that allows you to build your own Craftworld Attributes
– Expanded army rules for the Drukhari, including updated datasheers for Drazhar and Incubi, name generation tables, and a system that lets you build your own Kabals, Wych Cults and Haemonculus Covens
– Expanded army rules for the Ynnari, including army-wide abilities, datasheets and matched play points for The Visarch, The Yncarne and Yvraine, Warlord Traits, Stratagems, the Revenant Psychic Discipline, Relics of Ynnead and more!

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  1. Matt Rollings (verified owner)

    Fairly good. Updates for Aeldari. Craftworlds/Asuryani received custom craftworld traits to combine from, a choice of powers for your cheap psykers to switch smite out for and sidegrade powers for their aspect warrior exarchs. These options are now forming the core of competitive lists. Dark Eldar / Druchari received some similar options, but none of them really compare to the existing options. Harlequins didn’t receive anything. Latest Ynarri rules, warlord traits and relics finally in print in this book. There are a few narriative missions. Fluff is very so-so but never actually includes the titular Blood Of The Phoenix. One star lost due to middling Deldar updates, missing Harlequin updates (hey, they’re Aeldari too) and fluff never really being relevant

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