Riot Quest: Scout Major Aline Bennet


Riot Quest: Scout Major Aline Bennet


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Aline Bennet was once a star ace among Rocketman Corps, as well as a warcaster in training among the Crucible Guard. When the apocalypse came, most of Bennet’s Corps unfortunately perished. Instead of drowning in sorrow, however, Bennet buried her comrades and used their scavenged gear to build herself a new suit of armor, a suit that combined her skills as a warcaster with that of a high flying rocketman.

Despite her tragedy, Aline is cheerful, altruistic, and dedicated to making the wastes a safer place. She patrols the ruined Iron Kingdoms in search of evildoers, whom she happily eradicates with her paired flamethrowers. After scouring a region of evil, Aline will land briefly to deliver a wink, a smile, and a thumbs-up before blasting off again.

Major Aline Bennet is a Scout Class Hero with unparalleled mobility in Riot Quest. With her high base Speed and her Soar ability, Bennet can traverse almost any Arena map from one end to the other in a single turn. Not only does this make her an excellent Scout but also a fantastic Hero for grabbing Bounty tokens and Treasure Chests tucked away in corners.

This model is also playable in WARMACHINE & HORDES as a Crucible Guard warcaster.

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