Riot Quest: Specialist – Widget Tinker Extraordinaire


Riot Quest: Specialist – Widget Tinker Extraordinaire


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Expected Release: 27-09-2019
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This wiz with a wrench has a place on your bench! As good at fixing things as she is at breaking them—you can see the advantage to that—Widget will leave your opponent asking where this angel got her wings. (Answer: She crafted them out of the sorry scraps of the last scavenger to get in her way.)

Widget is a Specialist hero with incredibly strong support abilities. What Widget lacks in damage output or defensive, she makes up by supporting her allies. Like all Specialists, Widget reduces the cost of Gear upgrades for herself and nearby heroes in your Crew. With her Engineer ability, Widget and other friendly heroes can interact with Bounty cards for a greater chance at success, earning more Victory Points faster to win the game.

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  1. Thomas Bell (verified owner)

    Face is goofy and lacking in detail. Connection points aren’t very secure and very delicate
    More detailed review including pictures here

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