Russian Grenadiers and Infantry 1799-1815

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Author: Laurence Spring, Illustrator: Bill Younghusband

About this book:

This title provides a comprehensive and vivid account of life in the Russian infantry at the turn of the 19th century – a time when the Russian army was arguably one of the most important in the world. Although hopelessly outdated at the outbreak of war in 1799, the army underwent radical changes and modernisation after Czar Paul I’s murder. This book details recruitment and training procedures, tactics and equipment, and daily life both at home and on campaign. The experiences of the average soldier are examined, and several commonly held assumptions regarding his character and motivation are reassessed.

Contents: Introduction – Chronology – Conscription – Training – Drill – Discipline and punishment – Pay and Provision – Appearance – Daily Life – On Campaign – Tactics – The Soldier in Battle – Casualties – Parades – Aftermath – Bibliography – Glossary – Museums and Collections – Colour plate commentary – Index

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