Scots Multi-barrelled Frame Gun

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Scotland might not have been one of the richest lands in Europe, but when its well organised army marched to war, it went well equipped with artillery in quantity and in many forms.

The Frame gun was a Scots favourite. Small and compact and easy to manoeuvre, frame guns come in all shapes and sizes. They could be single barrelled, double-barrelled or even quadruple barrelled as is our Warlord gun!
They could be towed by mules, packed in carts or dismantled and carried by pack animals, making them very versatile, as artillery was frequently lost on campaigns or reaching the battlefield too late to make a difference.
Frame guns could fire round shot or hail shot and would be able to keep up a quick rate of fire. Scots armies seemed to field many of these useful machines of destruction, indeed some people called small guns such as these ‘murderers’.
We imagine that Montrose may well have picked up some of these on a campaigns though he did not record so doing, in his many victories against the Government forces.

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