Shade: Nuln Oil (Gloss) (24ml)


Shade: Nuln Oil (Gloss) (24ml)


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Specifically designed for use with our range of metallic paints, the Citadel Gloss Shade will give yourminiatures a fantastically shiny look that will really make them stand out.

Using Liberator Gold, Stormhost Silver, Skullcrusher Brass, or Fulgurite Copper, paint the metal areas of your models and simply apply Nuln Oil Gloss. You’ll see that the shade doesn’t dull down the metallic paint, instead it keeps it glossy for a shiny finish to your model.

Contains 24ml of Nuln Oil Gloss.

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  1. ShadowsOfIntent (verified owner)

    Use this to darken my Custodes gold and add some faint black lines around armour, does tent to gel a bit if it’s warm a few minutes after applying so be fast with clean up. Shake well and apply a bit at a time until you get your preferred look

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