Space Marine Heroes: Wave 1 (box)

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MPN: SMH-01-60 / GW0001 (box)


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The Adeptus Astartes. Space Marines are genetically modified superhuman soldiers, the elite warriors and defenders of the Imperium of Man. In this blind box you will receive 10 boxes, each containing 1 of 9 randomly selected Space Marine Heroes, an assembly guide and a collectors card. In total there are 9 Space Marine Heroes to collect and we cannot guarantee which one you will receive, the 9 possible miniatures to collect are:

  • Brother Castor
  • Brother Titus
  • Brother Gain
  • Brother Remms
  • Brother Vanial
  • Brother Sargent Sevastus
  • Brother Prometol
  • Brother Gals
  • Brother Captain Tassarius