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Split Shipping


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This is a free product to alert our packing department when you have a part picked order you would like shipping!

Add this to basket, choose your shipping method and away we go!

– Please put in the notes section of your order any and all applicable order numbers. We will only ship for order numbers provided.

– Please bear in mind that spray paints can only be shipped on limited services, this means we will only ship non-spray paint items unless Parcelforce is chosen.

– Orders containing this AND back-order products will be held until all items are in stock. This product only triggers when the order is ready to dispatch.

– This service will also work for the “Click & Collect” sevices.

Example 1 – basic use:

Steve has 4 items on an order, 3 are picked. The 4th item is a pre-order and won’t be out for a few more weeks. Steve grabs a “Split Shipping” and chooses Express shipping. He pays for the shipping and inputs his order number into the notes section. The picking/packing team grabs the relevant items and dispatch them.

Example 2 – spray paints:

James has 3 cans of spray paint on his order but he’s awaiting 3 more. He chooses to purchase a “Split Shipping” but MUST choose a spray paint shipping service such as Parcelforce otherwise the order will be split without spray paints being included.

Example 3 – mixed status products:

Lisa has decided that she wants to receive the picked items from 2 of her orders, she also forgot to buy some glue! So Lisa adds the glue and “Split Shipping” to her basket, pays for Standard shipping and inputs her 2 order numbers in the notes section. The glue isn’t in stock so this new order is held until it arrives. The glue and items from the other two orders are bundled up together and all shipped as soon as the glue arrives.

Example 4 – missing order number:

Mohsin has 2 orders which are awaiting 1 item each. He adds a “Split Shipping” to his basket and in the order notes puts in 1 of the order numbers. He forgets to put in the second number. Our picking/packing team send the noted order only.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at custserv@the-outpost.co.uk 

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