Star Wars Armada: Imperial Light Cruiser


Star Wars Armada: Imperial Light Cruiser


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As seen in the Star Wars Rebels television show, the Imperial light cruiser is a communications and blockade ship used to help the Empire spread its domain throughout the galaxy. In Star Wars™: Armada, the Imperial Light Cruiser Expansion Pack presents this ship as a fast, small-base Imperial vessel that excels at providing long-range fire support from its broadsides. With its ship, its two ship cards, eight upgrades, and all requisite accessories, the Imperial Light Cruiser Expansion Pack will have you racing around the Rebels’ flanks and into a new era for Imperial tactics!

Within this expansion, you’ll find the following upgrades:

  • Moff Jerjerrod
  • Minister Tua
  • Damage Control Officer
  • Engineering Team
  • Reinforced Blast Doors
  • Dual Turbolaser Turrets
  • Hand of Justice
  • Centicore

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  1. Andrew MacLean-Finney (verified owner)

    The Light Cruiser, or Arquitens Cruiser is a great small ship for the Galactic Empire familiar to fans of Rebels and The Mandalorian TV shows.

    The Unit
    It’s a useful platform for long range fire, having it’s red dice focused on the sides is unusual for an Imperial Navy ship, but fits nicely into a role as a flanker putting long range sniping shots onto the enemy. The new 1.5 rules have improved Evade tokens, which is helpful for the unit and upgrades like Intensify Firepower! (see Chimera SD and the Cymoon ISD Refit) and Linked Turbo-laser Towers (see the Onanger SD) have also boosted it, meaning your more likely than ever to see it in a fleet, especially since there isn’t much else at the same price point for it to complete with.

    A couple of cards – Dual Turbolaser Turrets, Engineering Team – are binder bait, but the rest are all gold, including Commender Moff Jerjerrod, Minister Tua, Damage Control Officer and both titles are interesting and worthy of experimentation

    The Model
    The model meets the usual standard for StarWars Armada, with an appealing sculpt and the paint job will fit correctly with the rest of your fleet.

    Every Imperial Fleet should have access to at least 1 Light Cruiser, and they can synergise well in small units of 2 or 3.

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