Star Wars X-Wing: Mist Hunter

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The renowned Gand findsman Zuckuss and his signature G-1A starfighter arrive to X-Wing in the Mist Hunter Expansion Pack. A modified Byblos Drive Yards G-1A starfighter, the Mist Hunter offered Zuckuss and his droid partner, 4-LOM, all sorts of ways to surprise and capture their prey. The ship’s specialized repulsor lift technology made it surprisingly versatile, and its armament included both a tractor beam and twin assault lasers.

In X-Wing, the Mist Hunter appears as a small-base ship with three attack, one agility, four hull, and four shields. Meanwhile, despite the fact that the ship’s manufacturer, Byblos Drive Yards, earned a reputation for producing starships of questionable quality, the company kept its business moving with its willingness to perform modifications of questionable legality, and, of course, many of these appear among the expansion’s nine upgrades, which include an illicit Cloaking Device and the vessel’s Tractor Beam , an excellent and low-cost tool for squad leaders with keen tactical awareness.

Along with its pre-painted G-1A starfighter and nine upgrades, the Mist Hunter Expansion Pack introduces ship cards for both Zuckuss and 4-LOM, two non-unique ship cards, and all the tokens that you need to catch your foes in your Tractor Beam, no matter where they go!

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