Strontium Dog: Portrait of A Mutant

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Book Authors: Alan Grant & John Wagner

In the far future, Strontium-90 nuclear fallout has created a sub-race of mutants and freaks, despised and mistreated by ‘norms’ – humans unaffected by the radiation.

Seen as fit for only one kind of work, some mutants have become bounty hunters, SD’s. Their name stands for search and destroy, but the norms know them as Strontium Dogs!

One such mutant is Johnny Alpha, named for his ability to project Alpha waves from his eyes, which allow him to see through walls and even into men’s minds!

Along with his companion Wulf Sternhammer, Johnny is the most feared bounty hunter in the universe – and in this all-action collection, we find out where he comes from – and why he’s given the evilest target of all!

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