Space Marine Tartaros Terminators

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This multi-part plastic kit contains the parts necessary to assemble 5 Tartaros Terminators, ready to be added to any Space Marines or Chaos Space Marines collection. They’re supplied with a variety of weapon options:

– 5 Tigris pattern Combi-bolters
– 5 pairs of Power Pists
– 5 pairs of Lightning Claws
– 5 left-hand Chainfist attachments
– 1 reaper Autocannon
– 1 Plasma Blaster
– 1 Heavy Flamer
– 1 Grenade Harness

as well as options for a Sergeant – this model features a unique torso, loin cloth and shoulder pads, as well as a power sword and volkite charger. This kit can be used as a standard Terminator Squad in games of Warhammer 40,000, and is supplied with 5 Citadel 40mm Round bases.

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  1. Matthew Sherridan (verified owner)

    Perfect for those players who are wanting to get into HH or to add to an existing unit. Plenty of options, although the range of weapons can be a little lacking if you have a specific unit build in mind.

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