Tearlach McMurrough (2 Chain Rifle, Templar CCW)


Tearlach McMurrough (2 Chain Rifle, Templar CCW)


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Claws for rent was how the Kaid Fahesh defined McMurrough when he saw him for the first time. He is a muscled and fast close combat killing machine with accelerated reaction times, able to cross the battlefield and destroy his opponents even before they notice him. Dearg (Red) McMurrough was his name in the Dog-Bowl team from his natal village, for the reddish shade of some parts of his fur. Tearlach McMurrough is one of those rude, stubborn and stolid individuals that the worse you treat them, the stronger and tougher they get. He has learned to clench his teeth and take anything that comes down on him, waiting for his opportunity. Self-sufficient and possessing a sharp intelligence, he has few loyalties, save to those who pay him.

Miniature supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.

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