The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms – Adventurer Followers

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A strong right arm is needed to forge a path to fame and glory. JENASSA is the perfect blade for hire and VORSTAG swings his axe for coin, while MJOLL THE LIONESS strides into battle for a worthy cause. Sparks fly and enemies die whenever MARCURIO enters the fray, and DERKEETHUS hews the enemy as well as any vein of ore he’d mine.

This set contains five 32mm scale high quality multi-part resin miniatures with bases. Requires some assembly. Supplied unpainted.


  • 1 x Jenassa, Mercenary Archer
  • 1 x Mjoll, The Lioness
  • 1 x Marcurio, Adventuring Mage
  • 1 x Derkeethus, Goldenrock Miner
  • 1 x Vorstag, Freelance Adventurer
    5 x Scenic Bases

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