The Japanese Army 1931-45 (1)

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Author: Philip Jowett, Illustrator: Stephen Andrew

About this book:

During Japan’s devastating Pacific offensive of 1941/42, the Allies paid a high price for their failure to take seriously an army which had already been fighting in Manchuria and China for ten years. That army was a unique blend of the ancient and the modern and its up-to-date equipment and resourceful tactics served an almost medieval code of unquestioning obedience and ruthless aggression. This first of two titles covers the organisation, equipment, uniforms and character of Japanese ground forces in the Chinese and early Pacific campaigns, illustrated with insignia charts, many rare photographs, and eight meticulous uniform plates.

Contents: M1930 uniforms – Invasion of Manchuria 1931 – Invasion of Jehol 1933 – Chinese campaigns 1937-40 – Cold weather clothing – Uniform modernisation c1937-41 – The Nomanhan campaign 1939 – Development of tropical uniforms – The ‘lightning campaign’ in the Pacific and South East Asia, 1941-42

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