Traitor Rock (PB)


Traitor Rock (PB)


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After ten thousand years of being a bastion against chaos, Cadia is broken. At the hands of Abaddon and the thirteenth Black Crusade, the Imperium of Man has been fracrutes and in its wake spreads the scourge of heresy, lies and insurrection. The fight now falls to Cadia’s bloodied and unyielding survivors.

On the world of Malouri, traitorous forces have retreated to the impregnable island fortress of Crannog Mons. After years of stalemate warfare, the task of breaking the siege is given to Minka Lesk and the Cadian 101st, who find themselves fighting a meat-grinder mission that threatens to devour them. In the midst of slaughter, sacrifice, and brutal attrition, a question must be answered: what does it mean to be Cadian in a galaxy without Cadia?

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