Warpath: Operation Heracles

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War has come to Triton!

An invasion force of Forge Father warriors, led by Forge Lord Ingulf Krestürsson, has taken the planet by storm. Fuelled by rumours of an ancient, mythical artefact from their past, the Forge Fathers will stop at nothing to reclaim it. However, the Corporation has its own plans for this storm-wracked world and dispatches Enforcement Protocol Group Heracles, commanded by the mysterious Forward Observer, to retake Triton at all costs. As the planet threatens to tear itself apart beneath their feet, two of the most powerful armies in the galaxy draw their battle lines and prepare to fight to the bitter end to stamp their claim on Triton’s riches!


This set contains everything you need to get started with Warpath, including:

FREE Metal Forge Father Huscarl when you Pre-order!

Dual Format Warpath/Firefight Rulebook

Operation Heracles Quick Start Guide

8 Command Dice

12 Plastic Activation Counters

12 Plastic Suppression Counters

4 Plastic Shield Counters

2 Plastic Tag Counters

10 Plastic Objective Counters

5 Multi-Part Hard Plastic Enforcers with Weapon Options

5 Multi-Part Hard Plastic Pathfinders with Weapon Options and D.O.G. Drone

5 Multi-Part Hard Plastic Peacekeepers with Weapon Options

1 Multi-Part Plastic Peacekeeper Captain

10 Multi-Part Hard Plastic Steel Warriors with Weapon Options

6 Multi-Part Hard Plastic Forge Guard with Weapon Options and Huscarl

1 Multi-Part Plastic Jotunn Weapons Platform

Miniatures supplied unassembled and unpainted. Requires Superglue.