Adeptus Titanicus: Loyalist Legios


Adeptus Titanicus: Loyalist Legios


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This book includes all the rules you need to forge a loyalist battlegroup for Adeptus Titanicus. It includes a wide array of maniples to use as the core of your force, alongside background and rules for many of the Imperium’s most famed Titan Legions and Knight Households. If you want to defend Mankind from the darkness and devastate your foes with colossal war engines, this is the book for you.

This 176-page hardback book contains:

– Background for loyalist Titan Legions and Knight Houses
– Revised rules for assembling your battlegroups
– Rules for 16 Titan Legions loyal to the Emperor, including Legio traits, Stratagems and wargear
– Rules for 12 Imperial Knight houses
– 18 different maniples to use with your Titans
– Allegiance rules for Loyalist Titan Legion Battlegroups, Questor Imperialis and Questor Mechanicus
– Background and rules for Ordo Sinister Psi-Titans
– 50 Stratagems for use by Loyalist battlegroups
– 11 Loyalist upgrades
– A comprehensive list of weapons available to each Titan, including weapon traits not featured in the core rulebook

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  1. Keith Vasey (verified owner)

    Really nice quality, wish it’d been released earlier though. Nice to have it all in one book.

  2. Jonny Pearson (verified owner)

    Brilliant condensed rules so all in one place

  3. ShadowsOfIntent (verified owner)

    All the details for a loyalist Legio (go Ignatum!). Lots of new rules, reworded rules fixed in FAQ and erratas and plenty of new lore. Worth it for a player or just a fan of Titans

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