Reload! – from The Outpost

Running low on Hobby Ammo? We’re here to help you Reload! your hobby funds with our new trade-in program.

We accept new in box, on-sprue, assembled, undercoated and most fully painted models.

Our buy list currently includes the following brands:

  • Games Workshop
  • Forge World

We regularly auction hundreds of items starting 99p with no reserve alongside a whole catalogue of fast selling products! Looking to pick up a bargain? perhaps it’s an out of production model you’re seeking. Whatever you’re after, check out the constantly changing available range.

How it works

  1. Click to download the file and fill it out following the instructions.
  2. Take some pictures of your models
  3. Email the pictures and form to [email protected]
  4. We’ll get back to you with a price.
  5. Once accepted simply ship the items to the address provided in your confirmation email.
  6. Receive cash or Outpost credit towards your next hobby purchases!

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