Start expanding your army with our range of discount Deathwatch from Games Workshop. Free shipping available on certain orders with express delivery.


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Start expanding your army with our range of discount Deathwatch from Games Workshop. Free shipping available on certain orders with express delivery.


At The Outpost you’ll find cheap deals on Deathwatch, and other models from the Warhammer 40k universe. Discover our amazing discount Deathwatch miniatures and join the thousands of happy customers who have chosen The Outpost.
Discount Deathwatch models
The Deathwatch are the premier xenos hunters in the galaxy. Across all of Mankind’s broad Imperium, millions of aliens scuttle, burrowing into human society, infecting and tainting them. Outwith the Imperium’s borders, billions lurk, with their own empires, their own worlds. All of these xenos present the broadest threat to humanity, in their own unique way. Against these threats stand the Deathwatch. 


The Inquisition, that shadowy organisation that guards the soul of humanity, is divided into three principal Ordos, one of which is the Ordo Xenos. This Ordo specialises in learning everything it can about mankind’s alien foes, the better to counter their unclean ways. Many times, perhaps most times, the Ordo Xenos is perfectly capable of carrying out its own investigations and purges. Inquisitorial Stormtroopers, some of the finest mortal human soldiers, carry out their bidding, burning through Genestealer nests, Eldar outposts, and hissing monstrosities without a name alike. However, sometimes mortal humans are simply not enough. 


As a result, thousands of years ago, the Deathwatch was formed as the Chamber Militant of the Ordo Xenos. Thousands of Space Marine chapters have pledged to send their members to take part. The chapter is unique, not a true chapter, but made up of members from almost every Space Marine chapter in the galaxy sent to serve for a time. Some chapters send their men willingly, seeing it as a holy duty, others send Astartes only because they wish to gain experience in how to hunt the xeno. Still others see it as penance, a way to deal with unruly brothers unfit for the strict, codified ranks of the chapter. Regardless, they serve. 


Time spent among the Deathwatch is a principal secret, and even once a brother of the Deathwatch returns to his chapter, he will not speak of the things he has seen or the evils he has slain. He may pass on tips and tricks in countering specific xenos breeds, but his mission reports are sealed. Even Astartes are not privy to every secret of the Inquisition.


Those Space Marines who take part in the Long Vigil of the Deathwatch are among the finest of their chapter, elite and respected veterans with a flair for the unconventional. During their service, they paint their armour jet black, leaving only one shoulder painted with their chapter colours. Unlike the strict guidelines of typical chapters, each Deathwatch brother can bring whatever equipment he feels is appropriate to the field, be that a thunder hammer, a missile launcher, or some bizarre piece of archeotech forgotten by history and kept only in the armouries of the Deathwatch. 


The Deathwatch are almost always outnumbered by the hordes of xenos that they fight. But in terms of martial experience, skill, and equipment, these warriors are never outmatched. 


The Deathwatch are perfect for anyone who wants to play Space Marines but with an alien hunting focused twist. If you like being able to personalise equipment for every model in your army, and hunt down the foulest of aliens without breaking a sweat, these are the Astartes for you. 
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