Chaos Space Marines

“Start expanding your army with our range of discount Chaos Space Marines from Games Workshop. Free shipping available on certain orders with express delivery.
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Chaos Space Marines

“Start expanding your army with our range of discount Chaos Space Marines from Games Workshop. Free shipping available on certain orders with express delivery.
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When the Emperor of Mankind created the Primarchs, he created in these huge, near immortal beings, all of the strengths and flaws of humanity, although magnified in every way. While the history of the Imperium states that there were 9 Primarchs and their Legions who followed the Emperor, the truth is that there were 18. Foremost among them was Horus Lupercal, Primarch of the Luna Wolves, the first son of the Emperor and the brightest star. He was named Warmaster of the newborn Imperium, the Emperor’s general and trusted right hand, a perfect, glorious warrior of the Imperial Truth.Until he fell.Horus was exposed to the otherworldly energies of Chaos. Behind the world we see and feel, is another world, a world of turbulent emotion and raging torrents of energy called the Warp. Humanity, and many other species, use the Warp to travel at faster than light speed. It is the only thing holding the fragile, disparate worlds of the Imperium together in any semblance of a stellar empire. But the Warp holds darkness and secrets and lies, chief among them the gods of Chaos. Khorne, the god of Blood and Skulls, Tzeentch, the god of Change, Slaanesh, the god of Excess, and Nurgle, the god of Blight, Disease, and Decay. Horus was touched by these powers, his eyes opened to the vast primordial truth of the warp. Seeing his father’s words with fresh eyes, he denounced them as lies, and set out to cut Him down, butcher the Imperium, and rebuild it in his own image. He turned fully half of the Space Marine Legions and Primarchs to Chaos, and raised a terrible war against his father and the loyal Primarchs.
This event was known as the Horus Heresy, a galaxy wide, planet shattering civil war, the largest, bloodiest, and most brutal conflict the galaxy has ever known.Although he wounded the Emperor and left him forever chained to the life supporting Golden Throne, although he destroyed the Emperor’s dreams of a brighter future for humanity, and annihilated whatever hope humanity had for a truly unified future, Horus lost. He was slain by the Emperor himself.The traitor Space Marines and their Primarchs fled the vengeful Imperial forces to hide in the Eye of Terror, a gaping cosmic wound, half in and half out of the Warp, twisted and horrific. They have been forever changed by the seeping corruption of the Eye, mutated and warped, a far cry from their former noble selves. But one thing remains true. They are Space Marines, and ten thousand years have not dulled their rage or their hate. They will not rest until the Long War against the Imperium is won.Chaos Space Marines are a hugely varied force. They are still fundamentally Space Marines, with all of the posthuman benefits that offers, meaning their forces tend to be small and elite. Unlike loyalist Space Marines, they have unholy powers and eldritch abilities that would freeze the blood of any normal human. They also have legions of cultists, each one ready to give their life for the Dark Gods, and daemonic allies from the Warp, giving Chaos Space Marines tactical choices that the loyalists simply do not have.
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